Kvareli Wine Cave

The unique wine cellar and tourist complex "Kvareli Wine Cave" is built on the edge of Alazani Valley. This is a place that attracts Georgian and foreign tourists alike and awakens unforgettable emotions in them.

The cave, carved into the Caucasus rock massif, was opened in 1962 specifically for the World Congress of Vine and Wine. Throughout the year, the cave temperature ranges from 12-16 ° C, which creates an ideal environment for wine storage and aging. The wine bottles in the cave are positioned horizontally or upright to ensure that the cork is constantly wet during the aging period.

The total length of the Wine Tunnel is 7.7 km, which consists of two main and 13 connecting tunnels. One of the two entrances to the cave is used for tourism, while the other entrances are used for the care and aging of wines stored in metal and oak containers. In this part, the guest can see the bottled wine cellar, where "Winery Khareba" holds up to 26,000 bottles of the best quality wine. The oldest collectible wine is 17 years old.


Kvareli Wine Cave

Wine Cave

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In addition to the tunnel, a large recreational park is also an interesting sight in the area: river, ancient pitchers, an old Georgian water mill, a traditional bread bakery, a chacha pen, an ancient cellar with a winepress and pitchers, trout, and huts. Guests have the opportunity to take part in MasterClasses such as, baking bread in an oven, dipping Churchkhela, roasting Barbeque, cooking Khinkali and Khachapuri, participating in vintage and crushing grapes, in addition to tasting up to 50 wines of "Winery Khareba".

The collection vineyards of "Winery Khareba" are also situated here, where more than 300 collectible vines from all over Georgia are represented. Guests have the opportunity to visit the restaurant "Khareba" and taste the highest quality Georgian-European dishes after the tourist adventure, in the area of the tunnel and enjoy the environment of a restaurant hidden in nature, which offers a kind of Georgian adventure to a guest.